Creator Points

Earn and redeem points for your startup which can be used to bring your startup to the forefront of the platform and gain exposure.

You get:

100When your startup gets published.
10For every person that adds your startup to their favorites.

Founders" Book

#1 platform of tools, templates and resources for first-time founders and early-stage startups.

DescriptionBuilding a business is hard as hell. It‘s lonely and a ton of work. Even with hard work, success is far from guaranteed. And it typically takes 8-10 years to know whether you‘ve won or need to throw in the towel. Founders’ Book is your dedicated resource for climbing the mountain of entrepreneurship. We‘ve spent hundreds of hours combing through thousands of guides, resources, and tools creating and curating the very best startup content on the internet. From building an MVP to scaling your startup, Founders’ Book supports you build better and succeed. Founders’ Book is your “DIY Startup Accelerator” if; ????????‍???? You are a first-time entrepreneur or you run an early-stage startup ????‍♂️ You are a non-technical entrepreneur ???? Have a business idea but don’t know how to get started ???? Want to learn how to come up with business ideas, build MVP, validate with your customers and scale ???? Learn how to validate your business ideas quickly ???? You tried before but failed or got stuck ???? Want to save time and money along your startup journey ???? Want to build your business and get first-paying customers Learn more and sign up for Founders’ Book at