Creator Points

Earn and redeem points for your startup which can be used to bring your startup to the forefront of the platform and gain exposure.

You get:

100When your startup gets published.
10For every person that adds your startup to their favorites.


Browser plugin that helps you to optimize Notion pages for Search Engines and Social Media

DescriptionNotionSEO is a plugin that improves your Notion Pages by helping you optimize your content and keywords. This plugin will help to understand the keyword density, character length, word counts, and other SEO techniques that will help the content to rank towards the targeted audience. We help users improve their notion content for search engine optimization (SEO). With our tool, users can easily check their content‘s readability and keyword density to ensure that it is both user-friendly and search engine-friendly. The extension highlights any overused keywords, as well as any sentences that are too long or difficult to read. Additionally, it provides suggestions for alternative keywords to use and offers tips on improving the content‘s overall readability. With NotionSEO users can easily create engaging and optimized content that will help their Notion content rank higher in search engine results.