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Earn and redeem points for your startup which can be used to bring your startup to the forefront of the platform and gain exposure.

You get:

100When your startup gets published.
10For every person that adds your startup to their favorites.


The affordable online tutoring platform

DescriptionLessonpal is an online marketplace for lessons and tutoring. Our mission is to make education more accessible and affordable. We connect learners with passionate, knowledgeable, and caring teachers who believe in making a difference. Our vision is to enable anyone to practically teach or learn anything to help people realize their full potential. We aim to help learners find and connect with their best-fit teachers and conveniently book and receive online lessons. Lessonpal is the most friendly and reliable platform for teachers and learners. Unlike agencies and other intermediaries that charge huge commissions and make lessons and tutoring more expensive, Lessonpal takes a nominal commission to cover the payment processing fees and platform development, hosting, operations, and support costs. Founded in Silicon Valley, the Lessonpal platform is built by a global team of passionate engineers, designers, product managers, and community development professionals spanning several countries and continents.