Creator Points

Earn and redeem points for your startup which can be used to bring your startup to the forefront of the platform and gain exposure.

You get:

100When your startup gets published.
10For every person that adds your startup to their favorites.


DigitalME revolutionizes email marketing with seamless integration, advanced analytics, dynamic personalization, responsive design, and efficient automation.

DescriptionDigitalME emerges as the transformative force in the realm of email marketing, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with unparalleled expertise to redefine the way businesses engage with their audience. Through seamless integration with ActiveCampaign, DigitalME empowers marketers with advanced analytics, precision segmentation, dynamic content personalization, and responsive design, ensuring every email resonates profoundly across diverse devices. With streamlined automation workflows and unwavering support, DigitalME paves the path for businesses to unlock unprecedented success and forge enduring connections in the digital landscape.